Development Package

By purchasing Development Package, you obtain the license key that is valid for unlimited number of sites. The monthly payment can be canceled at any point of time and you will still be able to install updated until the end of billing cycle.

The Development Package includes all available AAM extensions in one suite. Any additional extensions that will be developed in the future are already included for no additional cost. Here is the list of extensions:

Plus Package. Manage access to categories or define default access to all posts. Group pages or media assets in categories and more.

IP Check. Manage access to the entire website for visitors based on the referred domain, IP address, geographical location or even time zone.

Role Hierarchy. Define complex role tree where child role inherits all access settings from its parent.

E-Commerce. Start selling access to the website posts, pages, custom post types, categories, custom taxonomies or user roles.


$19.99 per month

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