Advanced Access Manager
all you need to manage access to a WordPress website

Advanced Access Manager
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List of most popular features


Manage access to the WordPress website for any role. Create, edit, clone, delete or define a complex role hierarchy.


Manage list of capabilities for any WordPress role or even an individual user. Create new capabilities or edit and delete existing.


With the click of a button protect WordPress website from brute force attacks or add double authentication.

Posts & Categories

Manage access to WordPress posts, pages, custom post types or categories for any user, role or visitors.

Backend Menu

Manage access to WordPress website backend menu for any user or group of users.

Widgets & Metaboxes

Manage access to widgets and metaboxes on both frontend and backed for any user, role or visitors.

Media Access

Manage physical (direct URL) access to all your files and media assets within uploads folder.

Content Filter

Show, hide or limit parts of your website content for any user, role or visitors.

Content Teaser

Define customized teaser message instead of a content for any post, page or custom post type.

Access Denied Redirect

Define a redirect behavior when access is denied to any restricted area on the frontend and backend.

Login Redirect

Define a customized login redirect for any individual user or roles after successful authentication.


Start selling access to your website posts, pages, categories or even user roles.