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What is our main goal?

"Give you ads-free, reliable, powerful, enterprise level plugin to manage access to your WordPress website's frontend, backend and APIs for any role, individual user or visitors."

Focus Areas
main areas of focus

WordPress Content Access Control

Content Access Control

Restrict access to your website content (posts, terms, files etc) or define how, who and when it can be accessed.

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WordPress Roles and Capabilities

Manage Roles & Capabilities

Update, clone, delete the list of default WordPress roles and capabilities or create completely new roles and capabilities.

WordPress Access For Developers

Access Management API

Explore easy-to-use development API and build custom access management solutions for your specific business needs.

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WordPress Content Access Control

Identity & Access Management

Define exactly how any role or user can interact with your WordPress website's backend, frontend or even API levels.

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WordPress Roles and Capabilities

User Activity Logs

With free and very flexible AAM extension, track literally any user activity on your website.

AAM Content Access Control

Website Security

Enhance your WordPress website security by limiting what visitors or other users can access and what actions they can perform.

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