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AAM Access Policy

Access Policy Hub

Use Access Controls as Code to define cohesive, well-documented and scalable access stragery for WordPress solutions of any complexity.

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Deliver WordPress Access Controls as Code with AAM Access Policies

Prepare declarative JSON-based policies

  • - Standardize collaboration and policies distribution
  • - Treat your access controls as security artifact
  • - Define dynamic & conditional access controls

Streamline the way you manage and distribute access controls across all WordPress websites by preparing declarative and versioned access policies.

Tailor Access Policies to your unique use-cases

  • - Extend access controls with custom callbacks
  • - Clearly define dependencies and constraints
  • - Keep your custom code DRY and scalable

Define access and security controls your way. Build custom callback methods that inreach policies to cover any imaginable use-case.

Manage access to any resource and/or action

  • - Supporting 15+ different resource types
  • - Easily extendable with custom resources or actions
  • - Resolves access settings inheritance complications

WordPress website is a collection of resources and actions that users can take upon them. Access Policies allow you to target them all out-of-box or with minimum custom development effort.