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Managing access and security for a WordPress website can be tricky. Sometimes you sacrifice the website performance by "stitching" together multiple plugins to do what you need. And sometimes you just do not know what you do not know.

Access management requires a refined touch and it is really easy to make it wrong. Luckily for you, AAM offers the constantly growing repository of out-of-box access policies and countless more we can help to create on our official forum here.

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How does it work?
just a few simple steps do the magic

Install AAM Plugin

The free version of the Advanced Access Manager can be downloaded from the official WordPress repository. For more details about the installation process, please refer to the Download Page.

Find a Policy

Find a policy that fits your requirements. When found, you can learn more about it by selecting it. If none is found, go to our forum section and ask for help. It is free so you loose nothing.

Install a Policy

Each policy comes with a unique ID that you can use to install the policy on any WordPress website that has free Advanced Access Manager plugin 6.2.0 or higher.

Apply the Policy

Some access policies are automatically applied to the correct website audience (assignees), however, some have to be applied manually to desired users or roles.

Can't find the right policy?
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