AAM Affiliate Program

Brand Ambassador

Become AAM Brand Ambassador. If you enjoy the AAM plugin, use it for your WordPress websites, advocate for it organically, then get rewarded for such advocacy.

How do you get rewarded?
some of the main perks that you get

Step #1

30% discount code for premium

Get 30% discount code for any premium addons that is valid for as long as you stay the AAM brand ambassador.

Step #2

Direct connect with the owner

Get the direct communication channel with the owner and creator for the AAM. Share ideas and ask questions that are answered with higher priority.

Step #3

Peek into the latest and greatest

Stay on top of the AAM progress. Get access to the latest features, updates and news way before they are distributed to the rest of the world.

What it takes to be qualified?
just to be sure that we are good fit for each other

  • Actively use AAM on two or more WP projects;
  • Actively build WP websites or be engaged in WP community;
  • Occasionally, become a beta tester for upcoming releases;
  • Be willing to spread the word about AAM periodically;
  • Be willing to share feedback or ideas on WP access controls;