AAM and WordPress Multisite support

Advanced Access Manager v4.9.3 or higher is fully compatible with WordPress multisite setup and with free AAM Multisite extension, you can quickly navigate between your sites or even sync access settings with a click of the button. Additionally AAM extends default WordPress behavior and may restrict access to sites where user is not a member of (by default any user can access any site in the multisite network).

WordPress Multisite Support

Below is the list of features that Multisite extension adds to the AAM’s arsenal of tools.

= Site Navigation =

With “Site List” sidebar metabox on the AAM page, you can easily navigate between sites. It is important to notice that if your Multisite Network is setup as subdomains, then you will be navigated to that site in new window tab. Otherwise you will be able to manage access settings for each site on one page by simply switching between them.

= Sync Access Settings Across Network =

With AAM v4.9.3 or higher you can sync main site settings between all your other sites.

If you do not know which site is your main site, then simply check the list of your sites on the “Site List” metabox. The main site will be tagged as well as additional “Sync Settings” button will be added

By default AAM syncs only roles and capabilities between all sites however you can override this behavior with ConfigPress settings as listed below (ConfigPress is the free AAM extension that you can find on the Extensions tab).

multisite.sync.system = "roles"
multisite.sync.roles = "menu,metabox,redirect"
multisite.sync.users = "menu,metabox,redirect,capability"
multisite.sync.visitor = "metabox,redirect"
multisite.sync.default = "menu,metabox,redirect"

Each line corresponds to the group of settings that should be synced between all sites. For example “multisite.syn.roles” line tells AAM to sync Admin Menu, Metaboxes & Widgets and all Redirects (login, logout, access denied) between all sites.

You might be wondering why sync feature is not “user-friendly” with all these configurations that you have to enter manually with ConfigPress extension. If so, please refer to the AAM Configurations article to learn more about why.

= Restrict None-Member Access =

The WordPress default behavior allows any user or visitor to access any site in your multisite network. This can be easily altered with AAM “Multisite None-Member Restriction” option. Simply go to the Utilities tab and under “Miscellaneous” enable this feature. AAM will automatically restrict access to the site and redirect user based on a site’s “Access Denied Redirect” rule.

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