AAM Pricing Model

There are three types of premium products that AAM offers:

All the options above are subscription based however there is one BUT. It seams to be the industry standard is to ask you to pay the full price of the product on yearly bases. However it was always bothering me that typically you sorta repurchase the same product from year to year while the code-base (internal implementation of a plugin) almost stay the same.

When you buy something, you buy it for some particular feature and you want to make sure that this feature is going to work for years to come. Some folks may argue that it takes a lot to keep plugin compatible with constant WordPress core changes however the truth is that this is not completely true. WordPress core updates are very conservative and typically backward compatible.

That is why AAM takes the different approach. For the Single Extension and Complete Package you pay one-time purchase fee and all the following years you pay only renewal fee that is much smaller than the original cost of the product.

For example if you are planning to purchase the Plus Package extension for $69 USD today, you will pay $69 USD at the time of purchase and next year, the same day, you will pay $19 USD that renews your license for another year. This way you’ll be able to download new updates.

You can cancel subscription at any time on the License page and you will be able to download updates until the end of the billing year. So for example, if you purchase Complete Package on Jan 1st 2019 and canceled subscription on Jan 2nd 2019, you can still download updates up to the Jan 1st 2020.

You will receive the renewal notification via email 7 days prior to the expiration date so you’ll have more than enough time to reevaluate you subscription plan with AAM.

How do I determine product price?

One of the biggest questions is how do I price each extension? For the longest time I’ve been considering different options and finally came to the following formulas:

(Senior WP Engineer Hourly Rate * Hours To Implement Proof Of Concept) / 10 = Extension Price

Basically the formula states that the cost of the extension equals the number of hours that it takes to implement the minimum viable product multiplied by hourly rate of the average senior WordPress engineer and divided by 10.

The proof of concept or minimum viable product is the low quality code that is used to proof that something can be implemented and can be functional in production. This type of code typically requires 2-5 times more time to refactor, document and test.

For example, as of today, the average full-time senior WordPress developer gets ~$40/hour. In order to implement the ability to restrict access to posts based on the category for visitors and users, it will take approximately 20 hours of development work to prepare a prototype with this functionality. That is why the Plus Package extension price is $79 USD ~ ($40 * 20 hours)/10.

Basically I’m trying to say here that you’ll save 10 times more money and time by purchasing AAM extension. You will also have 100% well-tested, documented and ready for production functionality. On top of that you are getting my full support if something is not working as expected.

You can spend days searching for the right solution or you can get AAM and find exactly what you need; otherwise your money back guaranteed.

Thank you so much for your interest in AAM.

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