How does AAM social login works

The AAM social login is a free feature that is available with AAM Social Login extension that you can download from the Extensions area. It requires at least PHP 5.4 and AAM 5.3.1 or higher.

AAM social login is based on the open source Hybridauth library that standardize social single sign-on process with most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Current AAM Social Login extension implements login with 5 most popular social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google.

Th extension uses Hybridauth Unitifed Interface so all the access keys has to be provided according to its specification. To configure all necessary access keys, you need to use ConfigPress. So for example if you want to enable Twitter, Facebook and Google, you need to enter following config:

; Twitter social login setup
feature.socialLogin.providers.Twitter.enabled = true
feature.socialLogin.providers.Twitter.keys.key = "************"
feature.socialLogin.providers.Twitter.keys.secret = "************"

; Facebook social login setup
feature.socialLogin.providers.Facebook.enabled = true = "************"
feature.socialLogin.providers.Facebook.keys.secret = "************"

; Instagram social login setup
feature.socialLogin.providers.Instagram.enabled = true = "************"
feature.socialLogin.providers.Instagram.keys.secret = "************"

Where instead of **** you enter the actual id and secret key.

The pattern here following:

feature.socialLogin.providers.[Provider Name].[Setting According To Hybridauth] = [value]

You can find out the complete list of required and optional settings for each provider in the /wp-content/aam/extension/social-login/vendor/Provider folder.

The AAM Social Login extension comes with default HTML template that has 5 predefined social network. You can load your own custom HTML template by utilizing aam-social-login-tmpl-filter filter. The callback functions accepts only one parameter, which is absolute path to the default HTML template.

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