How to export and import AAM settings

The export/import feature is available with AAM 6.2.0 or higher.

The export and import of AAM settings are straight forward operations and can be performed on the Settings Area. The “Export/Import AAM Settings” invokes a modal pop-up that has two tabs for each operation respectively.

AAM Import Export

By default, all the access settings, AAM specific configurations and roles are exported, however, this behavior can be changed with ConfigPress setting core.export.groups.

The exported data is JSON-based dump of settings that looks similar to

    "version": "6.2.0",
    "plugin": "advanced-access-manager",
    "timestamp": "1577554386",
    "dataset": {
        "settings": {
        "config": {
            "core.settings.multiSubject": "1"
        "configpress": "",
        "roles": {
            "administrator": {
                "name": "Administrator",
                "capabilities": {
                    "switch_themes": true,

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