We are migrating to the new location aamportal.com. Check this article for more details.

We are migrating

We appreciate your interest in and loyalty to the Advanced Access Manager plugin. Through all these years, AAM matured tremendously because of all the feedback and collaboration with thousands of folks.

We may not have flashy marketing pitches or mind-blowing designs, but one thing is proven consistently – we have best-in-class technology. So to close the gap between the end user like you and our technology, we’ve decided to pivot and launch a new website aamportal.com that is dedicated to the WordPress access management topic.

Right now we are in the process of revising and migrating all our existing documentation to the new website. There you’ll be able to find answers to many common questions or ask the most difficult ones. We also commit to improving our customer technical support.

However, this requires some changes to the way our premium model works and we’ll do all that is possible to work with you through these changes. Some of the changes are already implemented while the remaining will take effect on January 31, 2023. These are the changes:

Add-Ons Consolidation

We no longer offer AAM Plus Package, AAM IP Check, and AAM Role Hierarchy as stand-alone add-ons. The premium offering is reduced to only the “Complete Package” which includes all add-ons in one package.

We are discontinuing support for the legacy “AAM Development Package” and converting it to the “Complete Package”. This means that no more unlimited installations for a fixed price. Instead for each active domain, you’ll pay an additional $9.99/per year. More details about pricing are below.

All the AAM licenses that were purchased before February 22nd, 2020, had no expiration date and an active subscription plan, will expire on January 31, 2023. You may still use existing software on your servers indefinitely, however, you’ll be not able to download new updates after January 31, 2023. You would have to upgrade your license to subscription-based to continue to receive new updates after mentioned cutover date.

Licensing Simplification

Each license key has a limit and is valid for three domains without acquiring additional charges. There is no longer differentiation between the “dev” and “live” domains. Three distinct domains per license. Period. You will be able to deactivate unused domains on your license page the same way you do it today. The number of active domains is the factor in the yearly renewal amount as described below in the “Pricing Changes” section.

There will be no longer a need to contact us if you accidentally deactivated any domain. Our system will automatically reactivate the inactive domain if the “Complete Package” is still installed there.

You will be able to download the premium “Complete Package” add-on directly from our website and install it on as many websites as needed. However, keep in mind that if you exceed the license limit, you’ll be liable to pay additional fees as described in the “Pricing Changes” section.

Because we are moving toward a single premium “Complete Package” add-on, we will automatically convert, on January 31, 2023, all active licenses to “Complete Package” for no additional cost and match your current license limit. This way you can use your existing license(s) to download the “Complete Package” add-on. The only difference will be in the yearly subscription amount that is mentioned below (in the “Pricing Changes” section).

If you have two or more licenses, we offer to consolidate them into one “Complete Package” license with a properly adjusted license limit. For example, if you have the AAM Plus Package (with a limit of 1 live domain) and AAM IP Check (with a limit of 1 live domain) licenses, you can consolidate them into one “Complete Package” license that you can use on up to 3 domains. In short – the “Sum of licenses’ limits” + 2.

Pricing Changes

We decided that the base price for the “Complete Package” will be $99 for the first year and a $49* renewal fee. If you already have the “Complete Package” or converted your other license(s) to it, you only will pay $49* when your renewal date is due.

* The renewal price is dynamically adjusted based on the number of active domains that you have. Each new domain that exceeds the license limit adds $9.99 to the renewal amount. For example, if the “Complete Package” was installed on 2 domains, then you only pay $49 because it is below the default license limit of three domains. However, if the add-on is installed on 5 domains, then the renewal amount will be $68.98 ($49 + $9.99*2).

The renewal amount adjusts both ways, depending on the number of active domains. So if the previous year you had 10 active domains and you paid $118.93, but this year you have only 4 active domains, you’ll pay only $58.99.

We will charge an additional, one-time fee of $19.99 for every unique domain that exceeds the license’s limit. We also will increase your renewal subscription amount by $9.99. This is the “pay-as-you-go” pricing model. For example, if your license’s limit is three domains, but you installed the “Complete Package” on four domains, this event is qualified for an additional charge. We will give 7 days for the license owner to deactivate any active domains to avoid these charges.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email support@aamplugin.com or schedule a quick Zoom call

To Summarize

– We are moving to a new website https://aamportal.com.
– We discontinue Plus Package, IP Check, and Role Hierarchy add-ons and offer only the Complete Package that includes all.
– We provide all the necessary email or zoom customer support to consolidate and convert all your existing licenses into the “Complete Package”.
– All active Plus Package, IP Check, or Role Hierarchy licenses will be automatically converted to the “Complete Package” licenses on January 31, 2023, and the base renewal amount will go up to $49 per year.
– The base “Complete Package” price is $99 for the first year and $49 for the renewal.
– All active licenses have enabled the pay-as-you-go feature where you pay more if you use it more and you pay less if you use it less.


What should I do with the “The XYZ is deprecated as a stand-alone add-on” message?

Depending on your situation, you have several options. Go to your license page first and verify that you have an active license key. Navigate to https://aamportal.com/license page and enter your license key.

Option 1. If your license key status is set as Active, then go ahead and download the latest add-on from that page. You can install the downloaded ZIP archive as a regular WordPress plugin on the Plugins page or upload it to the “/wp-content/plugins” folder. More about the installation process you can read here. When you successfully downloaded and activated the Complete Package, you are free to deactivate and delete AAM Plus Package, AAM Role Hierarchy, or AAM IP Check as stand-alone add-ons.

Option 2. If your license key is not active (expired, suspended, etc.) You would have to start the subscription plan. In this case, choose the “Upgrade License” button and follow the checkout process. Your license should be reactivated immediately and you’ll be able to download the latest Complete Package and follow the instructions from the “Option 1” section.

Option 3. You do not know your license key. In this case, check our “Where can I find my license key?” Q&A.

I have two different add-ons on one website with active subscriptions. What should I do?

Probably the most reasonable approach here is to cancel one of your subscriptions and use another license to download the Complete Package. It contains all the premium add-ons in one convenient package. You can reach out to us, and we can assist you with the license consolidation process.

What is the “license limit”?

Think about the license limit as the number of websites that you can install your premium add-on on without paying the initial, one-time installation fee of $19.99. When you buy a license key, by default, you can download and install our premium Complete Package add-on on up to 3 websites. If you choose to go beyond 3 websites, this is where you “pay as you go” for each additional website. For each new website, you pay a one-time fee of $19.99 and your subscription plan goes up by an additional $9.99/per year.

I already purchase Plus Package (IP Check, Role Hierarchy). Do I have to pay now $99?

No. We automatically converted all deprecated add-ons to the Complete Package for no additional cost. However, if you have an active subscription plan, it goes up to $49/per year on January 31st, 2023.

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