WordPress roles and capabilities

WordPress CMS is the role-based application when it comes to manage what users can or cannot do within a website. WordPress role itself does not really define what user is capable of doing however it contains the list of capabilities that actually specify exactly what user can or cannot do.

From my experience supporting hundreds of customers with membership websites, I’ve come to conclusion that majority of the website owners do not realize that WordPress CMS already gives all the necessary fundamental features to build strong membership platform without spending a single dollar.

Typically there is an assumption that role and capabilities always come together and are inseparable however that is not completely true. You can create a role that does not have any capabilities while you can have a capability that is not assigned to any role. That is why I’ve written two separate article that give you more in-depth details about roles as well as capabilities.

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Learn more » What is a WordPress Capability


WordPress roles and capabilities are the very basic concepts behind the access control management for the WordPress website. Truly understanding what it is, how it works and how can you combine them together, you can create complex membership websites or simply manage what other users can or cannot do within a site.

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