WordPress: Temporary User Account, Login With URL & JWT Token

Available with the basic AAM v5.8 or higher.

Giving secure access to your website can’t get any easier with the new suite of features that AAM offers with version 5.8 or higher. With absolutely free version of the plugin you can create unlimited number of temporary user accounts, share with user authentication URL that logs user in without the need to enter credentials or programmatically interact with a WordPress website with the help of auto-expiring JWT token.

Most of these features were already available in AAM core since version 5.0 however they were not obvious and were more oriented for developers. That is why I’ve consolidate all the user feedback and ideas in one place.

WordPress User Authentication

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When you go to the AAM page and on the Users/Roles Manager panel click on the Users tab, each user row has Edit User icon. This brings the Manage User pop-up that contains 3 self-explanatory tabs: Temporary Access, JWT Auth Token and Edit User.

There will be no Edit User icon if your or any other user who has access to AAM page does not have edit_users capability.

Temporary Access Tab

On this tab you can define how long (up to minutes) user will have access to his/her account and what action should AAM perform when access is expired.

Please Note! Changing the expiration time automatically regenerates the JWT token on the JWT Auth Token tab. Any other tokens that are related to editing user will be still valid as long as they are not expired.

JWT Auth Token

This tab contains two read-only text areas with JWT Token that you can use to programmatically authenticate RESTful API requests and full URL that you can share with anybody. With the URL user will be automatically logged in for the duration that is defined on the Temporary Access tab.

Edit User

Edit User tab contains just a button that links to the user’s profile. This tab exists only for your convenience.


Advanced Access Manager allows you to create rich user and developer experience when it comes to authentication. It uses well-known and standardized JWT token and you have the ability to start using this very powerful functionality even without any technical knowledge.

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