AAM Plus Package

Plus Package

Manage access to your WordPress website posts, pages, media, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies for any role, individual user, visitors or even define default access for everybody; and do this separately for frontend, backend or API levels.

* $69 USD for the 1st year then $29 USD following years until canceled.






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  • Manage access to hierarchical taxonomies;
  • Manage access to tags;
  • Manage access to related posts for any term;
  • Manage access to child posts for any hierarchical post type;
  • Define more granular access to comments on the backend;
  • Define default access to all posts;
  • Define default access to all terms;
  • Ability to group media into categories;
  • Ability to group pages into categories;
  • Define wildcard access to the website;
* any post, page, media or custom post type are collectively called posts on the list of features above.

check Plus Package in action

AAM Video

Restrict to manage all pages but one

Learn how to restrict access to all posts, pages, custom post types except one or several desired. You can do that for any individual user, role or visitors.

AAM Video

Restrict user to manage content in one category only

Learn how to define access to your content so any individual user has ability to manage posts only in one specific category.

AAM Video

How to limit access to the content for visitors

Check how you can disable comments for pages or create a teaser message for all the posts instead of the actual post's content.

AAM Video

Limit users to manage only their own content

Learn how to define access settings to the website content so users can see and manage only posts, pages or custom post types that they created.

AAM Video

Protect all posts with a single password

Learn how you can protect all your posts, pages or custom post types on the frontend with a single password.

AAM Video

Manage access to parent page and its subpages

Learn how you can manage access to hierarchical posts and define access to parent posts so subposts automatically inherit access settings from the parent.

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* $69 USD for the 1st year then $29 USD following years until canceled.