How to manage access to AAM page for other users

Sometimes there is a need to give access to other, none-administrator, users to manage access to ceratin website resources. However you do not necessarily what to give them too many privileges like changing capabilities or creating new roles. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about managing access to AAM page.

Advanced Access Manager Customized

Prior to AAM 4.7 version, most of the access management to AAM functionality could be accomplished with ConfigPress configurations. The fact that we were getting a lot of questions about this subject matter, we made the decision to integrate this ability into the AAM core and since AAM 4.7 release, the access to AAM is based on the capabilities.

By default, access to AAM functionality is granted only to users that have administrator capability (technically only users with the Administrator role). This behavior can be modified with few simple steps.

= Step 1 =

The first step is to redefine the default access capability. Create custom capability aam_manager. Go to the Capabilities tab and on the top right corner hit + Create button. From this point only users with aam_manager capability checked, will have access to the AAM functionality. The aam_manager capability is enough to grand access to almost all functionality with few exceptions that we will mention below.

Please note! Make sure that you do not misspell aam_manager capability. “R” in the end!

= Step 2 =

The next step is to define what actually user can do within AAM page and below is the list of all available capabilities with detailed description.

When you grand access to any AAM feature, please make sure that you also grand access to manage either list of roles (aam_list_roles), users (list_users) or visitors (aam_manage_visitors). Otherwise AAM page will show nothing.

Grant access to the Admin Menu feature
Grant access to the Metaboxes & Widgets feature
Grant access to the Capabilities feature. Note! It is most likely you would not want to give access to this feature
Grant access to the Posts & Pages feature
Grant access to the Access Denied Redirect feature
Grant access to the Login Redirect feature
Grant access to the Logout Redirect feature
Grant access to the 404 Redirect feature. This feature is available only on the Default level for all users, roles and visitors.
Grant access to the Settings feature
Grant access to the Extensions feature
Grant access to manage IP Check. Available only with premium IP Check extension
Show AAM Notification Panel if any reported
Allows user to see the list of roles
Allow user to see the list of users. Note! This is WordPress core capability.
Allow user to manage access for visitors
Allow user to manage default access to all users, roles and visitors. Note! It is not recommended to give access to this functionality as it may affect administrators
Allow user to create a new role
Allows user to edit existing roles
Allow user to delete existing roles. Note! By default, AAM does not allow to delete any existing role that has one or more users assigned to it
Allow user to lock/unlock other users
Allow user to switch to other user

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions of suggestions. We are more than welcome to hear your feedback.

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