How to manage WordPress capabilities

The default WordPress installation does not have the ability to manage list of capabilities and this is something that can be easily archived with AAM plugin. On the Capabilities tab you can find the list of all assigned capabilities to any role or the individual user.

For your convenience, the list is grouped based on the capabilities logical meaning into System, Posts & Pages, Backend, Comments, AAM Interface and Miscellaneous categories. You can also create custom capability, edit or completely delete existing.

By default the ability to edit or delete capabilities is disabled. You can enable this feature in the Settings area with Edit/Delete Capabilities option. However due to the way WordPress manages capabilities, you are able to edit or delete capabilities only for roles. For users you can only assign or deprive any existing capability.

WordPress Capabilities

You can create unlimited number of custom capabilities on the Capabilities tab. Simply click on the + Create button on the right top corner. The custom capability will be stored to the database as-is (the way you entered it).

Every new capability is automatically assigned to the Administrator role and role or user that currently is managed.

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