How to manage WordPress users

Current AAM version does not offer a lot of extra features to manage your user base. You can successfully created, update, delete or see the list of all users on the WordPress core page All Users.

However to manage access for any users to your website, we found useful to add few neat features that significantly enhance your administrative duties.

= Block User =

To use this feature, make sure that Secure Login option is enabled.

WordPress does not have the concept of the user status and all user records are active unless completely deleted from the database.

Note! There is the user_status column in the wp_users database table but it is considered as “dead” column and not used by the WordPress core.

AAM uses user_status column to deactivate/activate user.You can lock any user without actually deleting all the information from the database.

Please note! Upon locking, if the user was already logged in, the system will automatically logout the user and any attempts to login again will result in error message.

WordPress Lock User
WordPress Locked User Notification

= Switch To User =

For your convenience, you can switch to any user to verify that all access settings are applied exactly as you anticipated. Upon switching you will be redirected to the admin dashboard logged in as selected user. You will be able to switch back by clicking on the Switch back to Your Username. This notification will be presented on every backend page.

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