How to monetize access to the WordPress content

This article is about Advanced Access Manager 5.0 or higher and premium E-Commerce extension. Some of the features explained in this article also require Plus Package extension.

When you are planning to make money of your website, restricting access to the premium content may not be enough. You still would have to setup payment process as well as either develop a custom script that automatically opens premium content for a buyer upon payment completion or do it offline manually. Both cases are not ideal as they might be too complicated to implement or too tedious if manual process applied.

These days companies like Braintree (PayPal product) or Stripe provide all necessary tools to setup payment process on your website without compromising security or breaching very strict PCI compliance regulations. The only thing you need is AAM E-Commerce extension that “glues” together payment gateway integration and AAM core.

With few steps you will be able to start selling access to any content on your website and here are they:

= Step. 1 =

When E-Commerce extension is installed properly, you should be able to see additional submenu under AAM menu called E-Products. Here you can create unlimited number of products that any authenticated user can buy. It is strongly recommended to write some good description to each product as this might significantly increase sales rate.

AAM E-Product

You should also notice a custom metabox on the right side titled as “E-Commerce”. Here you can define the cost of your product. Any other details for purchase transactions can be defined with your merchant provider either Braintree or Stripe.

= Step. 2 =

After at least one product is defined, you can go ahead and drop the Payment widget on your website. It is important to understand that this widget will be visible for authenticated users only and only if user is browsing any E-Product.

Go to Appearance->Widgets and drop the AAM Payment Widget to the sidebar. Depending on the selected Payment Merchant, provide all necessary information that would authorize you with the payment merchant.

Please understand! If you are planning to make money of your website, it is important to have verified account with either Braintree or Stripe merchant. You also have to be familiar with how it works and where can you find API credentials/tokens.

= Step. 3 =

If you navigate to AAM page, you will be able to find access option MONETIZE ACCESS for any post, page or custom post type on the Posts & Pages tab. With Plus Package extension, this option is also available for categories or any custom post type. Here you can bind E-Product that you created with any post, page, category, custom post type, custom taxonomy or even with default access all posts.

AAM Monetized Access Option

If everything was setup properly, you should be able to see “Purchase” widget on the sidebar when you navigate to any E-Product on the frontend.

Braintree payment widget

From now, if restricted user will try to access monetized content, he will be automatically redirected to the bounded E-Product for purchase and upon payment completion, will be redirected back to restricted content. However this time he will have ability to read, view or download it.

You have the ability overwrite this behavior with LIMIT option. So technically you can setup teaser message instead of redirecting right away to the E-Product. In this case in your teaser message you should paste AAM shortcode [aam context=”purchase-link”]. This shortcode will be replaced with URL to the E-Product page.

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