Hide all admin notifications

Manage if users can see the top admin notification like “New WP update is available…” or “Plugin XXX is not configured…”.

In the example below, we enabled few plugins that show top admin notifications and if this policy is applied to the current user, these notifications will be hidden.

WordPress Admin Notifications

    "Version": "1.0.0",
    "Dependency": {
        "wordpress": ">=4.8.0",
        "advanced-access-manager": ">=6.2.0"
    "Statement": [
            "Effect": "deny",
            "Resource": "Capability:aam_show_admin_notices"
Copy this unique number and use it to install the policy on your website. To learn more how it works, follow this link.
DEPENDENCIES List of required plugins for this policy to work properly.
WordPress >=4.8.0
Advanced Access Manager >=6.2.0
ASSIGNEES The type of audience the policy is automatically applied to as well as excluded. To learn more how it works, follow this link
  • All Users, Roles & Visitors
  • Exclude "Administrator" role