The official AAM 6.0.0-beta.3 release is out. Download it from the official WordPress repository.
AAM Enterprise Package

Enterprise Package

Get the complete suite of all available premium addons in on package with dedicated support channel via Slack, Google Hangout or email (within 2 USA business days). All future premium addons will be included for no additional cost. Minimum 50 sites are required for this package.

* minimum 50 sites is required.

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"You can spend days searching for the right solution or you can get AAM and find exactly what you need; otherwise your money back guaranteed."

30 days full refund policy; no questions asked.

What is included

  • Dedicated support line via Slack, Google Hangout or email (within 2 USA business days).
  • Plus Package. Manage access to your WordPress website posts, pages, media, custom post types, categories and hierarchical taxonomies for any role, individual user, visitors or even define default access for everybody; and do this separately for frontend, backend or API levels. As the bonus, define more granular access to how comments can be managed on the backend by other users.
  • IP Check. Manage access to your WordPress website by visitor's IP address and referred hosts or completely lockdown the entire website and allow only certain IP ranges.
  • Role Hierarchy. Define and manage complex WordPress role hierarchy where child role inherits all access settings from its parent with ability to override setting for any specific role.
  • E-Commerce. Start monetizing access to your premium content. Restrict access to read any WordPress post, page or custom post type until user purchase access to it.

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Money back guarantee within 30 days from the time of purchase. No questions asked.

* minimum 50 sites is required.