Enterprise Package

Enterprise Package: More Than Just Software

Advanced Access Manager is designed to satisfy enterprise-level requirements for WordPress security and access management. Enterprise Package includes all the necessary ingredients for quick and seamless integration of the AAM functionality into any organization: from a small one-instance WordPress site to large multi-network.

Get the complete suite of all available premium add-ons in one package with prioritized support channel. All future premium add-ons will be included for no additional cost. The acquired license can be used up to 20+ live websites.

How much is your time worth?

"You can spend days searching for the right solution or you can get AAM and find exactly what you need; otherwise your money back guaranteed."

30 days full refund policy; no questions asked

What is included

  • Prioritized support line and free consulting on how to implement access controls in the most secure and efficient way.
  • Plus Package. Plus Package allows you to manage access to posts, pages, media, custom post types, categories, and taxonomies for any role, individual user, or visitor. On top of that, you can define sitewide default access for everybody that interacts with your site on the frontend, backend, or API level.
  • IP Check. Manage access to the entire WordPress website or any specific content by a user's IP address, geolocation, referred location (from where a user is coming from) or URL query parameter. Completely lock down the entire website if necessary or restrict access to read desired posts, pages or custom post types. Define the unlimited number of access rules and apply them to visitors, individual users or roles.
  • Role Hierarchy. Optimize the way you manage complex WordPress access controls. Define multi-level roles/groups hierarchy where all the access and security settings are propagated down the stream with the ability to override any settings for any specific role.

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