IP Check

IP Check: User Location or Reference Based Access

Defining access to your content or to the entire website based on a IP range or location a user is coming from, sometimes, is the absolute necessity. The IP Check add-on allows you to create multiple rules, that AAM checks against, to make sure that your website is properly protected.

Manage access to the entire WordPress website or any specific content by a user's IP address, geolocation, referred location (from where a user is coming from) or URL query parameter. Completely lock down the entire website if necessary or restrict access to read desired posts, pages or custom post types. Define the unlimited number of access rules and apply them to visitors, individual users or roles.

* $49 USD for year 1; $19 USD for every year after





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    AAM IP Check
  • Manage access to any post, page or custom post type by user's IP, geolocation, referred host or query params;
  • Restrict access to the entire website by IP address;
  • Restrict access to the entire website by users physical location (country, city, zip code, etc);
  • Restrict access to the entire website by referred host;
  • Manage access to the entire website by HTTP query parameter;
  • Intuitive user interface for access rules management;
  • Extended access policy features;

frequently asked questions

Yes. So far, we haven't received any reports about conflicts with other plugins or themes.
AAM does not have the possibility to determine, based on user's IP address the geographical location. This is something the ipstack service offers. It is the freemium service where free-tier account is enough to start using geolocation feature.
Yes. You can get a free of charges trial license that is valid for 14 days that allows you to download fully functional version of the add-on.
By purchasing IP Check add-on, you obtain a unique license that is allowed to be used only on one live domain. However, you can use it for an unlimited number of development or testing websites as long as domain name is either localhost or starts with dev., staging., test. or demo.

You can also transfer your license from one live domain to another as long as your license is still active. All the necessary information about a license life-cycle management is included in a confirmation email after purchase.

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* $49 USD for year 1; $19 USD for every year after