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By purchasing any product below, you obtain a license key that does not expire and is valid for one life website.

AAM Plus Package - $30 USD

Our best selling extension that allows you to setup access to unlimited number of posts, pages or custom post types as well as define default access to ALL posts, pages, custom post types, categories or custom taxonomies.

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AAM IP Check - $10 USD

Manage access to your website based on the visitor geo-location, refered host or IP address.

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AAM User Activity - $10 USD

Track any kind of user or visitor activity on your website and define your own tracking events.

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AAM Role Hierarchy - $15 USD

Create complex role hierarchy and automatically inherit access settings from parent roles.

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AAM Role Filter - $5 USD

More advanced user and role administration. Based on user capabilities level, filter list of roles that user can manage. Also prevent from editing, promoting or deleting higher level users.

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AAM Payment - $20 USD

Start selling access to your posts, pages, categories or even user roles.

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AAM Complete Pack - $70 USD

Get the complete list of all the available premium extensions in on package including any new premium extensions in the future. As of today, you are already saving $20 USD.


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