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AAM Support

AAM Support

Customer support has been a crucial aspect of the entire AAM life-cycle for quite some time. It allows for having an open conversation between AAM software engineers and end-users.

Currently, AAM is stable, robust, and has decent automated test coverage. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of bugs or incompatibilities with other plugins or themes.

If you feel lost or can't find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to schedule a quick and free Zoom call below or send an email to support@aamplugin.com.

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please schedule a quick 15-ish minutes meeting with us

frequently asked questions about support

Because of the limited resources, we have to prioritize customer support. Security issues and reproducible PHP errors that are directly related to AAM are next in line. All other support requests are placed in the general queue and it might take up to 30 days for us to get back to you.
By purchasing any premium add-on, you obtain a license that allows using AAM premium software on one live domain and 3 test/staging domains. As long as your license is active, you are allowed to download updates.

That is about the only expectation that you should have as we do not guarantee any additional support with it.
You can generate PDF invoice for any completed transaction on the My License page. Enter you license key and when page is reloaded with the license details, scroll down the page and select the "Transactions" tab. All "Settled" transaction is eligible for invoicing.
At least once a week we get support requests where a person either badly messed up roles & capabilities or was not able to configure access settings correctly and missing some committed deadline to their customers. If that is the case, we recommend checking our "How to troubleshoot AAM" article first. In either instance, it is not our responsibility or obligation to provide any expedited support. However, we may offer prioritized paid support that can be discussed via email.
You can transfer your license to a new domain on the My License page. On this page, you can manage the full life-cycle of your license.
If you do not understand how the plugin works or you may not fully know how to configure desired behavior, we would strongly suggest learning more about AAM first. Good starting point is the "Get Started" page. You can also try to search for the answers in our constantly growing knowledge base.

Our philosophy is simple: "You can spend days searching for the right solution or you can get AAM and find exactly what you need; otherwise your money back guaranteed". We have 30 days full refund policy. No questions asked. All the process is automated and there is no need to contact us to request refund.

Based on the historical data, less than 3% paid customers request refunds. So we suggest to try AAM right away and do not spend time waiting for our response as it might take days for us to come back to you.
The AAM plugin is a massive solution and we know that there are still bugs out there waiting to be discovered. If you found one and you can consistently reproduce it, please open an issue on our official Github channel or submit a contact form.

Note! AAM functionality is deterministic, which means it either works 100% or does not work at all. Any issues with AAM that cannot be reproduced consistently, are most likely related to an incompatibility with other plugins or caused by caching.
Yes, we always offer our service when it comes to working with projects that require a solid access management implementation. Our service is in high demand for government organizations, education institutions, enterprise-level corporations and companies that understand the value of best-in-class access controls for such a complex platform as WordPress CMS. We've helped dozens and dozens of businesses across the world to meet their extremely complex project requirements and that also helped us to evolve AAM to be one of a kind framework for WordPress access and security needs.

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And Remember

"In our hearts, we really want to help everybody. However, the successful outcome of our support starts from You. Please be kind, specific and patient, and let us do the rest."